Langford Islamic College is ideally situated south of the river and welcomes all students from different walks of life, in Kindergarten to Year 12. Our student population has more than doubled during the past five years and today boasts a population of over 1000. This rapid growth is reflected through the enthusiasm, commitment and dedication that we believe is vital for the development and education of our students. 


Langford Islamic College combines its strong and relevant Islamic ethos with a structured and differentiated secular curriculum, to provide an integrated and holistic education in line with Islamic values at primary and secondary level. We provide an opportunity for students to develop the skills and abilities necessary to become life-long learners and contributing members of society. Our professional, enthusiastic and committed staff provide a broad range of subjects and activities for students, to challenge them and lead them to educational excellence.

Our students work co-operatively with their teachers in a safe, stimulating and rewarding environment which allows for academic enrichment and extension. We celebrate the fact that our students come with individual richness of experiences, and we thus encourage them to realise their full potential and achieve success. 

We expect our graduates to be active as role models in their communities, respected both for their knowledge of the religion and for the flexibility, realism and independence of mind with which they apply it.